Friday, May 07, 2010

Remember when I used to blog on this blog?

I've been killing time reading some of my posts from 5+ years ago.

Here are some things that stick out to me.

1. Man, when I was single, I was single. (Not in the "freewheeling ladies' man" sense, either.)

2. I used to drink STARBUCKS?

3. It was easier to blog a lot when I wasn't trying to do any other writing. Now that I am, my creative energy gets used up by more productive endeavors. (Also, Twitter.)

4. I mean, who even blogs anymore when they can tweet?

5. And how long will it be before Twitter is replaced by a 1-character nanoblogging system? ("Did you see which vowel Sarah Silverman just posted? I can't believe she went there!")

6. No, seriously, I used to drink STARBUCKS?

7. I have moved cubicles three times since starting this blog.

8. I have abandoned facial hair since starting this blog.

9. Number of posts in the year before I got a girlfriend: 126. Total number of posts since then: 10.