Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This should totally be the ad for that one Japanese dude

So, yeah... um, here:

You know that rule about two things not being able to occupy the same space at the same time? I think that's one of Newton's laws, or the Hippocratic Oath or something like that. Well, turns out it's, like, wicked true especially when you're talking about fingers and fancy-ass Japanese knives. "What fancy Japanese knife would that be, Nick?" you ask?

Okay, you're a little morbid, but I'll indulge you:

Ha! Just kidding. I wish. Not that the girl who sliced me isn't hot.

Anyway, the knife looks more like this:

Take that sucker and get it sharpened by a super master Japanese knife sharpener guy like a week earlier, and you've got a PARTY!

(And by "party" I mean "comfy Band-Aid brand gauze taped to your finger for a few days.")

Sometimes when you give life the finger... oops, already used that joke.


Hot Slicing Girl said...

...what...you make Fingeraide??

Eti said...

I said MORE blood, damn it!

I guess I could say something snotty about the lousy focus job, but I already gave Nick shit on IM.

Quota fulfilled.