Monday, February 27, 2006

If this were my last meal, I'd tell the warden to bring on the lethal injection

Overland Cafe finally has competition for my breakfast dollar, and my heart. The rival's name is Doughboy's, and while the 20-ish minute drive to 3rd and Crescent Heights means they're unlikely to snag me on a weekly basis, I can't guarantee I'm not going to be having impure thoughts about semolina waffles with mascarpone while I'm chowing down on my usual eggs benedict with veggie sausage. I'm not feeling particularly essay-ish today so let's just do a quick snapshot comparison:

  • Really freaking awesome coffee... and a whole big french press full of it for $3.50.
  • Best waffle I ever had in my life.
  • Lots of other stuff to choose from on the menu.
  • And the total money shot: a whole sub-menu of home fries. Yes. Home fries with cheddar and grilled onions, home fries with roma tomatoes and mozzarella and basil, etc., etc. That's about enough to make me wonder if Zale's has a ring big enough for a restaurant.
Overland Cafe:
  • 3 minutes from home, on foot.
  • KCRW discount.
  • Weak-ass coffee, even though they refill it every 26.3 seconds.
  • Vegetarian options on every breakfast food imaginable.
  • Great home fries, even though they're not customizable.
  • They know me.
Advantage: Overland Cafe, for now, since they have the home field advantage and I don't switch loyalties easily. But if anyone has a truck capable of towing an entire restaurant (including outdoor seating), please let me know. Actually, forget the outdoor seating part. Doughboy's chairs are too low. I'll provide replacements, probably from Ikea.


Myasorubka said...

Um, I believe you forgot the best part about Doughboy's - you know, the part about the company of two lovely friends, etc....?

Ok, and hot waitresses.

Anonymous said...

Well, I know of one meal on our "to do" list next time we venture out to LA!!