Monday, November 07, 2005

Starbucks and their damned full pastry shelves

Here's something I realized today. Under many circumstances it's completely possible to avoid buying a muffin/scone/whatever from Starbucks, or from any similar caffeine dealer that runs a carb-loading business on the side. This is because most of these places have too much space and not enough food, and that's not an attractive combination. It's like going into somebody's kitchen cabinet and finding one can of soup way in the back. Are you going to want it, even if it was just purchased yesterday? No. But the Westwood Starbucks negates both of those things by having a very small set of pastry shelves that is usually at least 90% full. I'm standing at the counter ordering my drink and my eyes wander 6 inches or so to the right, to the pastry display looking like it's ready to burst open under the stress of all the freshly-baked crack contained within it, and it's not like I have any other choice but to shell out the extra $1.65.


ElizabethSheryl said...

nope, no choice at all. that's why it's a blessing in disguise that I'm too poor to even GO to starbucks, hah.

the sparkler said...

Were you jones-ing for pumpkin after Sunday night and got the cream-cheese pumpkin muffin?