Friday, November 04, 2005

This is the shirt of the Lord

First off, there was this dude outside wearing a shirt that said "Wanna get high? Take a hit of this:" and it had a picture of the freaking BIBLE on it. Multiple possibilities here:
  1. The shirt was one of those ironic Urban Outfitters-type things, and was therefore being worn as a joke.
  2. The shirt was produced in earnest but was being worn ironically (hey Tiago, I used the word correctly for once).
  3. The shirt was produced in earnest and being worn in earnest.
  4. (By far the funniest, and the one I really really hope is true) The shirt was a joke, but the wearer thought it to be genuine and proudly displayed it in the hopes of spreading the word of the Lord in a hip and edgy manner.
Regardless, I'd have to say that it's somewhat of a failure because the shirt is simultaneously way too offensive and nowhere near offensive enough. I'd like to see another shirt in the same series that says "Wanna get high? Light some Jesus powder in your Holy Spoon and shoot the Lord into the one spot between your toes that isn't already plagued with track marks!"

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