Friday, November 19, 2004

Cingular Über Alles

When I walked into the (formerly) AT&T store yesterday to wander around and look at phones, they couldn't stop telling me how great it would be if I switched my AT&T plan to a Cingular plan... I mean, rollover minutes! (Rollover minutes! They're the greatest thing ever! If you don't have rollover minutes, you'd better just swallow this whole bottle of Xanax right now.) And yes, I have a better deal under AT&T right now, but it'll all be switched over to Cingular within a year, so I might as well do it now so I can start building up "bonuses" or whatever. Then I realized that now that the merger is complete, there are three Cingular/AT&T stores in Westwood in about a one-block radius. Then some well-dressed Korean guys handed me a pamphlet and asked me if I had accepted Cingular as my personal savior. I think things have gotten out of control.

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