Monday, November 08, 2004

Smooth Jazz

What the hell is that, anyway? I guess it's what I'm listening to right now, while I'm on hold for Singapore Airlines trying to see if I can bump my boss up to business class for her flight home from Japan. But I just don't see what it has to do with jazz. It's like calling the Backstreet Boys "smooth Clash." I'm not the hugest fan of jazz in the world, but I'm well aware that it's one of the most sophisticated musical forms we have, if not the most sophisticated, and there's something seriously wrong when Singapore Airlines hold music is allowed to appropriate the word that defines its genre.

Now that that's out of the way, does anybody have a robot truck that can drive from L.A. to Vegas? You could win $2 million.


ElizabethSheryl said...

What if I just built a robot truck and put it outside my apartment and pretended I came from L.A.?

Nick said...

If it's shiny enough, I think you'll win.