Monday, November 22, 2004

Guest which hand?

I think it was probably Disney who first hit upon the idea of replacing the word "customer" with the word "guest" in every possible instance. Which is fine for them, because they're nuts. But I really don't like how this practice has spilled over into all kinds of other places where "guest" just isn't appropriate. At Blockbuster, they're actually saying "next guest in line, please." And that creeps me out, because I do not want to be thought of as a guest there. I want to be thought of as a wallet with feet, and they're just trying to get the ten-dollar bill out of me and kick me to the curb as quickly as possible. That's exactly the relationship I want to have with Blockbuster. I do not want to sit in front of Blockbuster's fireplace and sip cognac and discuss Faulkner's early short stories. Same goes for Baja Fresh. I'm really okay with being just a customer. I don't need to sleep on their blue Ikea futon and use their weird cinnamon toothpaste. Just give me my burrito and our relationship is over.

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