Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Ikea Chronicles, Chapter 2

(Can't find a picture of this right now, so bear with me. Maybe I'll put one up later.)

Yellow Plastic Popsicle Maker Kit (approx. $2.99)

I bought these at some point last year. It wasn't because I really like popsicles; I mean, I don't hate them, and I'll usually accept one if offered, but under normal circumstances I'm not going to go out of my way to acquire one. My mission, rather, was to create my own line of boozesicles. (Not to be confused with boozecake, since I could never hope to penetrate that market.) I figured I could start off by making some Bailey's Irish CreamSicles and move forward from there. But that didn't exactly work out. As it turns out, unless you have some kind of laboratory-grade absolute-zero freezing apparatus, it's pretty much impossible to get Bailey's to solidify into any kind of popsicle-like formation. All I ended up with was Bailey's Irish Slush, and somehow I doubt that would sell. I could have tried to make other alcoholic frozen treats, but the thrill was gone by this point.

Current status: Strewn about in the lower cabinets that I barely ever open, waiting (possibly in vain) for the day when I either (a) get really excited about making nonalcoholic popsicles or (b) get a night job in a cryogenic laboratory.


Skerlie Bee said...

*Sigh*. Only a true master lush such as myself would have the actual proportions needed to make boozesicles. Since I do, I'll email them to you when I get home, as I haven't reached the level of Grand master lush, which requires memorization of at least 100 drink and dranksicle recipes.

Skerlie Bee said...

Now, if you'd like to invest in the Tupperware Ice Tups popsicle maker set and VOW that you'd only use it for boozesicles, I can arrange a significant discount!