Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Whole Foods addendum

OK, I still love Whole Foods, but I'm a little more scared of them than I was five minutes ago. I was idly browsing their website (shut up) and reading their "History" page, which more brings to mind the ancient times when you'd display the severed heads of your enemies outside your castle as a reminder to anyone else who might fuck with you.

Basically, they start off with a quick little history of Whole Foods itself. Then they start listing off all the other natural foods stores they've acquired over the course of the rat race. And it's quite a few.

Oh crap, now I'm hearing that they just bought out the rights to the word "fresh" and I'm going to have to pay them royalties every time I write/say/think it.


Anonymous said...

Some people should remember that they were the conglomerate who bought out a little local chain known as Bread and Circus...

Skerlie Bee said...

And yet they try to sugar coat it by saying nice things like "XYZ JOINED Whole foods in 19XX".... instead of saying "We stomped out every individual mom & pop like the capital imperialists we are... There is to BE no competition!!!!

And hey, how come my blog's not on your list?