Monday, October 11, 2004

Observations in Westwood

Remember the Gap in Westwood? No, I never bought anything there either. I lived in Westwood for almost two years, I certainly bought plenty of clothing from the Gap during that time, and yet I never went to the one Gap store that was easy walking distance from my apartment. Anyway, sometime around a year ago they shut it down. I blame myself. Because now they are putting up a Bebe in its place. In the same row of stores that includes Victoria's Secret, Ann Taylor, and like five salons.

Am I the only one who sees that Westwood is slowly being transformed into the set of Legally Blonde?

Sure, they've also installed an Urban Outfitters, but come on. Trying to find actual clothing there is like trying to find actual music videos on MTV.

Also: Haagen-Dazs? Please stop claiming you sell gelato. I refuse even to try it because I can see with my own eyes that it's only ice cream that was left on the counter too long.

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