Friday, October 15, 2004


Mailing stuff at USA Network was easy. We just wrote a mail code on the envelope and some other person or department with a lot of money got charged for it. You could mail personal stuff to Egypt if you wanted; nobody would ever notice. At UCLA Development, things aren't quite like that. We use stamps. Stamps that we buy from the post office and then get reimbursed for. I don't quite understand that system yet, so another assistant was nice enough to lend me a sheet of stamps until I can figure it out. It's a sheet of American Indian-themed stamps with different pictures of American Indian artifacts on them. And in sending important business communication, I'm trying to use the blandest stamps possible. But eventually I'm only going to have one stamp left, which means I'll have to use the one that says -- and I am in no way kidding --

"Ho-Chunk bag"

This is the kind of expression I would imagine J.Lo using back when she actually was from the "block." As in, "Yo, that ho-chunk bag better not be talkin' shit about my boyfriend!"

Yeah, I think it's time to go home.

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