Sunday, September 26, 2004

Why DirecTV will probably own my heart forever

I have had free Showtime on DirecTV for the last few months as part of some kind of promotion. This has enabled me to watch Dead Like Me, pretty much one of the best TV shows ever created, in addition to.... well, okay, there's really nothing of value on Showtime besides Dead Like Me. But if I were required to pay for Showtime just to watch that one show, I would gladly do so. I mean, I paid for HBO just for Curb Your Enthusiasm, and that's only ten half-hour episodes a season, whereas DLM has something like 13 hour-long episodes. Anyway, I came home tonight eagerly anticipating this week's episode. But when I turned on the Tivo, it was nowhere to be found. Turns out my free run of Showtime just expired. I started to wonder if I could re-order Showtime in time to watch the second airing at 10. Would I need to call them? I never call DirecTV. I have no idea what the number is. So I order it via the website, and I get a message saying "Your new programming will be available in a few minutes." Score! About ten seconds later I flip the channel to Showtime and it's ALREADY ON. With 90 minutes to spare until Dead Like Me. I... I don't know what else I can... oh, crap. I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

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Miss Green Jeans said...

OH MY GOD I LOVED DEAD LIKE ME. But I had it when I lived with two roommates who ended up being evil and then I had to live on my own and had to forego DEAD LIKE ME so that I could get HBO because HBO offerred MORE than just DEAD LIKE ME. but it makes me sad. i will now cry.