Wednesday, March 09, 2005

DreamBlogger II: The Dreamening

I finally had a dream that I mostly remember the day after.

It started (I think) with someone describing to me how one time the traffic on the 405 south was so bad that they had to get off at the 10, take that to the 110, and then take the 110 back down to the 405 to avoid all the backups. (I'm aware that makes no sense.) After that, I was suddenly in the car (an open-top Jeep, I think), driving down some freeway where I had to exit onto another one. I don't know what freeway I exited onto, but it quickly turned into some kind of large wildlife preserve. Like the African sahara, maybe. It was unpaved (of course), huge, green, all kinds of weird trees and rocks and stuff all over the place. Eventually there were some pterodactyls. I didn't think they were especially out of place. There were also some other assorted dinosaur bones, and one huge dinosaur-looking thing that was either a full-size dead T-Rex or just a full-size model somebody built and left lying around. (I considered both these possibilities in the dream.) Finally, I got to the end of the wildlife area where we had to wait for some boats to take us to the next place. (I don't remember who I was with.) Somebody in the waiting area told me that there was a famous house on the preserve that a lot of famous people have lived in over the years, and is currently occupied by Janeane Garofalo. I was annoyed that I hadn't noticed it on the way, but there wasn't really time to go back. Jason Ritter (actor/son of John Ritter) was also there, and I think that's because I saw someone in Westwood yesterday who sort of looked like him.

And, scene.

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Myasorubka said...

Hollywood safari, eh Nick? Ok here's my interpretation:

You are very comfortable with that which you know, and you consider everything outside of your comfort zone to be wild, crazy jungle. It's the "other", and it's all the same, no matter what it is.

However, the times you do venture outside of your happy little sphere, you find interesting things and are not at all intimidated by a new environment.

The moral of this story is: dude, you need to get out more.