Friday, March 04, 2005

The [Fresh-squeezed Grecian Pomegranate] Juice is Loose!

Of course, by now we're all aware that Martha is out of jail. However, she is under house arrest for another five months. What to do?

Personally, I think she could make a great contribution to a certain film franchise, resurrecting a couple of other careers in the process.


ElizabethSheryl said...


She can do her show from her home, I think she even did it pre-jail.

Myasorubka said...

Ok dude. I have gone aaaaalllll the way into Explorer just to comment on your blog. And the comment is this: BLOG MORE, DAMMIT! What happened to Prolific Nick? What happened to Nick of Witty Parragraphs? What is this infrequent two-line bullshit we loyal readers have been sujected to lately? I almost wish you were unemployed again!

Well, really I wish I was unemployed again. Sorry for projecting.