Thursday, March 31, 2005

Never trust anyone! You hear that, kids?

The hardwood floor promise turned out to be a fucking hoax. Not an intentional hoax (I'm led to believe), but whatever it is, it's not happening. I'll be living in a brown-carpeted world for the forseeable future. The person across from me, however, does get the hardwood floors because his carpets are (apparently) old enough to warrant replacing. And my manager was confusing his apartment with mine, which led to my being told that I was getting the floors and... whatever. Not happening. If I spill anything, I don't get to look at it for a minute, then shrug and say "Eh, I'll wipe it up in a few days." I won't be setting up a one-lane 1/4-length bowling alley in the guest room. And polishing the floors with Pine-Sol for ten hours straight, then inviting people over and making them take off their shoes and watching them slip and knock themselves unconscious when they walk in? Well, I can forget that plan, too.

This just sucks.

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CY said...

damn. i was about ready to move back in for the 1/4 size bowling lane.
you know, hardwood floors probably means simply stripping off the carpet to expose the concrete or plywood underneath. that's your floor. then you'd have to go to Ikea and get snazzy new lay-it-yourself carpet.