Thursday, August 04, 2005

Caffeine the Penultimate

I don't think the caramel macchiato was a drink meant to be iced. I had one a few minutes ago and the caramel ended up in 3 places: (1) in a glop at the bottom that I sucked down with the first sip, (2) stuck to the inside of the lid, and (3) running down the outside of the cup, where it was wiped off by a helpful barista. (Then again, the same barista didn't see anything wrong with handing me the drink completely un-mixed, with the top half of the cup completely brown and the bottom half completely white. I had to shake it myself. What would Gordon Ramsay say?) So it ended up being effectively an iced latte with a few random instances of goop.

Anyway, I decided after this week I'm going caffeine-free for a week. Sure, I may have waxed poetic before about developing a caffeine addiction, but I don't really want one. I'd rather be addicted to something more interesting, like cardamum or soybean oil or challenging squirrels to staring contests. Hopefully my blogging won't suffer, and it may actually become more interesting once I start hallucinating. (Sample sentence: "Don't you hate those purple-skinned demons that keep running past your desk and singing unreleased Fiona Apple songs?")

But as committed as I am to the Week of No Caffeine, I'm also looking beyond that week to the day I finally get myself a coffeemaker of my very own -- the kind with a built-in grinder, so I can seek out the strongest, darkest coffeebeans known to humankind and home-brew them at double strength. What kind of twisted thoughts will emerge from my hyperstimulated brain? I don't know, but I'll try not to die.

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Myasorubka said...

Has this degenerated into a food blog??

Yes, I think so!