Friday, August 26, 2005

Upping the dosage

I don't know if self-medicating has lost its sheen or if I just haven't been getting enough sleep. I feel fine, but the "zing" factor is somewhat diminished. Today I've had:

1 fairly concentrated cup of Manhattan Mud coffee from Urth
1 grande nonfat iced latte from you-know-where
1 20 ounce Diet Pepsi

Maybe getting hit by that series of tranq darts earlier had more of an effect than I realized. I guess next time I should pick some place to go jogging where they're not trying to capture a rabid wolf. Speaking of which, those things are totally not as cuddly as they look. You can't even play "got your nose" with them! No sense of humor whatsoever. And now I can't even swallow water.

1 comment:

Skerlie Bee said...

I'm going to bake you some special brownies. Complete with unbrewed espresso grounds.