Monday, August 22, 2005

Me: 1, Addiction: 0

Sure, I like to throw around fun phrases like "caffeine addiction" and "chemical dependency" and "3 AM trip to the methodone clinic" but as it turns out, I don't think I'm quite there yet. Right now caffeine and I have more of a friends-with-benefits thing than an actual committed relationship. Okay, sometimes it's friends with a lot of benefits, but be that as it may, I consumed zero caffeine for my first 8 hours of wakefulness on Sunday and even then only had an Ultimate Ice Blended from Coffee Bean -- and that was it for the day. Yes, I have the coffeemaker in my house and it would have been incredibly easy to brew up a cup with the usual near-lethal dosage of Sumatra Dark grounds when I got up, but I chose not to.

Did I get a headache? Did my body twitch relentlessly? Did my brain become hopelessly muddled, incapable of making any decisions more complex than whether or not to pee? Well, in the words of Modernist poet William Carlos Williams, hell to the no!

So I really don't think there's much to worry about. I guess growing up in New England automatically instills you with some of those everything-good-is-bad-for-you values, which is why I might be inclined to think that something horrendous is going to come out of all this, but clearly that just ain't the case.

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