Tuesday, August 30, 2005

They said it couldn't be done... or was that "shouldn't"?

I think it's time for another detox week. This decision doesn't come as the result of a whole lot of soul-searching and reading of philosophical texts or anything, but mainly from two points:

Point the first: Caffeine isn't providing me with the thrilling rush that it used to. I don't even know if it's doing anything at this point except taking money from my wallet.

Point the second: As not-that-much-fun as my last detox week was, it had one huge upside. Once it was over, every iced latte from Starbucks was like some kind of spectacular wonder-drug -- I'm talking borderline-psychedelic levels of euphoria. If I can get back to that point, and save money in the process, why not?

I'll probably start on Saturday morning.

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