Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Isn't polenta great? I think it was the staple food of the aboriginal tribes of the eastern Peckinaw valley in Northern Mondavia... or, like, Italy. Anyway, it's awesome. It's hard to screw up and all you need to make it is a pot with water and, well, polenta. But it's really fucking versatile. First I had it for dinner with sauteed onions, goat cheese, mushroom, and avocado. Then there was still a bunch of it left so I put some in a cup with chocolate syrup and Godiva liqueur and had it for dessert. This morning, still no cereal in the house, so I busted the remaining polenta out of the fridge and microwaved it with some butter and a little salt, and voila, breakfast. If I had any left over I could probably use it as replacement weather stripping for my sliding glass doors, or to plug up holes in the wall. Seriously, polenta = bomb diggity.

Otherwise, I'm still detoxing, and I think I'm through the withdrawals. The caffeine gods further teased me today when I went to get an Aquafina (ew, but no alternative) from the drink machine and a complimentary bottle of Pepsi popped out behind it. I just gave it away to the first taker.

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ElizabethSheryl said...

oh, that would have been a sign to DRINK UP, had it been Dr. Pepper. Pepsi I can live without.