Monday, September 12, 2005

Power outages are comedy gold

In this case, at least.
Lee Sapaden, a spokesman for the county's Office of Emergency Management, said the massive power failure was caused after an employee "inadvertently cut a power cable" at a DWP substation in West L.A.
Does everyone who works for DWP end up with a story like that if they work there long enough? "Here, cut this one..." "Nope." "OK, this one." "Nope." "OK, that one." ... ... ... ... "Oh, fuck."


CY said...

i was wondering about that power outage. did TJ's, BB, IKEA and OC all go dark simultaneously? What would you have done if all four pillars of your L.A. existence came crashing down at once?
Oh yes. I'm back.

Myasorubka said...

Oh my gosh!! THE CY???? Seriously?? I gotta come to this blog more often....