Monday, September 26, 2005

They can't all be gems, right?

Around 8:30 tonight, a couple hours after finishing up a couple of $2 Margaritas, I really felt like some chocolate. Technically I had chocolate in the house, but not really in any kind of readily consumable form. Specifically:

1 small box Cadbury chocolate powder, previously used to line the glasses for chocolate martinis;

1 partial bottle Hershey's chocolate syrup; and

1 partial bottle Godiva chocolate liqeur, also used in the chocolate martinis.

Like I said, nothing readily consumable. I could have mixed any of these with milk, if I had any. Yes, the days of master chef training are strange ones indeed. I have stalks of fresh dill, imported feta, and hand-gathered sea salt at the ready, but a plain old carton of milk is harder to find than a music video on MTV. Anyway, my iron-clad reasoning went as follows: who needs milk when I have a blender? And here we have yet further proof that a little bit of knowledge, combined with a little bit of kitchen implement ownership, is a dangerous thing. I put all 3 ingredients into the pitcher, gave it about a 30 second spin, poured the results into a cup, and started to drink. Then stopped. Then started again. Then stopped again. Meanwhile, my brain and my tastebuds were having a conversation something along the lines of "Do we like this?" "I don't know... it's chocolatey, right?" "Yeah, but is it good?" "Well, it tastes like chocolate, I guess." Finally, both parties had to concede that whatever the substance in the glass was, it was not in any way intended for human consumption. Also, since the blender kind of sucks (I could have used the food processor, but even prior to mixing the ingredients I had an inkling that the final product wasn't going to be worth messing up my nicest cooking gadget), the powder didn't get mixed all that well and ended up pretty lumpy in places. I suspect that anyone who's tried cooking or any kind of food preparation has ended up with stories like this one, and I can understand wanting to keep them a secret.

In hindsight, I probably should have done the same thing.


Myasorubka said...

Dude. I would have just eaten the Cadbury powder! Shhhh.....

Eti said...

Dude, that's pretty desperate. Kind of like when junkies start shooting into the area in between their toes to hide the track marks. Then again, I'm guilty of similar trespasses in the chocolate department, so I'm going to hell too - I imagine it to be full of white chocolate.

Sheryl said...

Ok Remember that 3 things that are gross together game? I got one! Chocolate powder, Chocolate Liqueur, and Chocolate Syrup!!!!!!

Skerlie Bee said...

And furthermore, who in the HELL follows up a bellyfull of Acapulco Margaritas (pineapple anyone!) with a damn chocolate notamartini?