Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Version 2.0

Refusing to let something like this scare me off from throwing random stuff into the blender and eating it, I made another attempt last night. This time:

1 blast of Hershey's chocolate syrup
1 scoop Cadbury chocolate powder
2 spoonfuls of ricotta cheese
1 small handful of walnuts
a little sugar

(No Godiva liqueur this time -- it's good for drinking with vodka on ice when you feel like getting drunk in a more chocolate-like manner, but it's not great in everything else.)

Anyway, I "blended" it all together, but sometimes to this blender, "blend" means "just let everything sit there," so that's pretty much what happened and I ended up mostly just mixing it up with a spoon once I put it in a bowl. Then I ate it and it was actually pretty good.


Myasorubka said...

If you want your blender to move shit around you gotta add some liquid. Like, cream, in this case.

You know, this is a very odd dessert you've come up with. I think I find it a little disturbing.

Nick said...

Dude, if I had any cream I would have used it. The only bottled liquids I had were orange juice, wine, and various boozes, and I'd have to be pretty desperate for blog material to throw one of those in.

Besides, I thought you were all about experimenting in the kitchen. Or does that not have to do with cooking?

Skerlie Bee said...

still... on first glance it DOES sound a little horrifying.. I hope it tasted better than it read.