Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Starbucks' lattes are made out of people!

Or probably not, really. But I did see something kind of disturbing there this morning. Sitting next to the register was a medium-sized shipping box labeled "STARBUCKS UNIVERSAL BEVERAGE BASE" and inside were all these big bags of nondescript powder.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to see that. And I have questions.

1. Ew?

2. What do they need that for anyway? I thought their drinks were mostly just espresso and some kind of milk product.

3. Is it such a "universal" base that they use it to make tea, lattes, frappucinos, and so forth?

4. Eeeew?

I'm sure one of the Starbucks spooks is reading this right now and will have my memory erased by the morning. Spread the word while you can, people! The barista girls may seem sweet and perky and genuinely concerned about how to spell your name on the cup, but they are up to NO GOOD.


Eti said...

I bet that stuff was predecessor to the base material for the generic "beer" and "milk" that they used to use on "Roseanne."

...and for "fake" drugs used in movies and on tv.

Nick said...

It's not collarbone material, that's for sure.