Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What have we learned this year?

Sometimes you can't escape your obligations to the legal system.

But you can always dream. And dream. And dream some more.

You can get your friends to start their own blogs. Or, if they already have one, you can give them one of yours to play with.

Then you can start a podcast. Then get a couple of girls to start one. (And totally not get jealous when it becomes more popular than yours.)

You can work on developing a caffeine dependency. Really make an effort. Seriously. Then worry that your wish has come true, and cut it out cold turkey for a week. This may be difficult, but at least resuming caffeination has some moderately interesting results.

Of course, you'll get back into it a little too much, and have second thoughts (or are they third by now?), and try another detox week.

Oh, but it's much harder this time. So hard that you have to learn to cook just to distract yourself. One day you're amazed that you can add stuff to scrambled eggs; but it won't be long before you're on to stuff that almost destroys both your kitchen and you. And a kick-ass knife always helps.

In the meantime, there's always time for quiet reflection upon stuff you bought at Ikea.

And lots more adventures in caffeination, and returning produce.

Throw in a new haircut and Netflix, and you've got a year.

Now, as long as I've got a couple weeks left, what were those resolutions again?

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